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Online Freelance Jobs: How to Develop a Goofproof Writing Confidence?

Being confident in your abilities as a freelance writer is a must. You will be faced with rejection on multiple occasions and you need to not let them override your ability to produce great content. There are times you may feel bad when you thought you put your best foot forward in getting the writing gig you wanted. But fear not, there are things you can do to keep your confidence in-check.

Don’t Try Too Hard to Be Perfect

It is one thing to be confident in your ability to write, but don’t get stressed or frustrated too quickly when things don’t go your way. An example may be when you produce copy for a client. You feel you did your best and think they will be happy with it. But, they come back wanting changes to the content you may not agree with. You need to remain confident that you will meet their expectations. The same is true when you apply to multiple writing jobs and get no response back. Just keep going and stay focused.

Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Rejected

You will get plenty of rejections and this is completely normal. Even seasoned writers have their dry spells once in a while. On the other hand, there are freelancers that won’t apply for a job because they think they will be rejected. If you don’t want to do the work then don’t apply for it. It is that simple. But, you need to consider breaking out of your shell and doing something worthwhile.

Don’t Get Lost in Excuses

Some writers have excuses as to why they didn’t land a writing gig. For some, the reasons don’t make sense. Don’t let negativity keep you from moving up in your freelance writing career. Some writers will keep taking on writing jobs that pay peanuts because they think this is all they are worth. Others claim they don’t have experience but want to write in that niche. There is nothing keeping you from applying to good writing jobs or improving your skills; except you. Don’t waste your time making up reasons why you are not seeing the progress you want in your career, Use the energy to take action and do what you need to do so you can make the change.

Work toward Improving/Increasing Self-Worth

When you are confident in your abilities you will produce quality content. This will show through in your work. It means you take the time to do things the right way. You know someone is depending on you to produce quality copy. You feel you have a purpose and enjoy what you do. Pay attention to what you do each day and how it affects others. As you complete more assignments you will have a growing list of accomplishments that is sure to keep your confidence at a good level.

Your self-worth is another issue. You need to feel you are valuable. This does not necessarily mean you need to have a dollar amount attached to what you do; this is not defining your self-worth. You should continue to push yourself to do better. You will earn more money, skill, and satisfaction because you are doing something worth your time and talent. You should never stop investing in yourself.