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How To Choose The Best Freelance Content Writing Websites

Depending on where you start your writing career, it can either become a success or a disappointment. Use these tips to select a website, where it makes sense to look for well-paying gigs.

  • Avoid content mills.
  • Content mills are websites that want you to write many articles (up to 10 a day), on a regular basis, for a very small fee – something around $2-3 per article. The only advantage to such a job is that you will receive a steady workload without any marketing effort. However, content mills do not reward well for your writing labor. You do not earn much, and you do not learn much either. You won’t improve the quality of your writing (as it does not matter half as much as your writing speed), and you won’t build your personal brand as you stay anonymous.

  • Avoid bidding websites.
  • The largest and most well-known freelancer job boards work on a bidding basis, which means that jobs mostly go to writers who offer the lowest price. If the website allows freelancers from the third world, who are comfortable with earning 10-20% of what you need to survive, you virtually stand no chance. If you still want to use these websites, because of a great variety of jobs they offer, be selective. Only bid for orders whose placers are likely to appreciate high quality writing, rather than a low price.

  • Look for decent rates.
  • Only consider websites that will openly state your payment. Depending on the nature of the job, it should be at least 5-10 cents per word. Content websites don’t usually check the credibility of every advertisement posted, so there might occasionally be offers that violate this condition, even on reputable job boards.

  • Check payment conditions.
  • Before joining a website, or applying for a gig, have a look at the payment conditions. Make sure the available payment methods suit you and that it is specified when, and under which conditions, you get paid (e. g. half in advance, half after submitting the text).

  • See whether the topics match your interests.
  • A great portion of writing websites have a clear specialization; be it a broad focus, such as blogging jobs, or a narrower one, such as financial blogging. Ask yourself whether you would like to write on the offered topics for several months. If you consider these areas to be boring, it is better not to try. However, if your only concern is that you lack the proper knowledge, you may benefit from accepting this challenge. By writing about a subject that lies outside your comfort zone, you can learn new things, and hence increase your value as a freelance writer.

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