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In Search Of Christian Freelance Writing Opportunities On The Web

Freelance writing opportunities are plentiful online. In fact, there are more freelance writing jobs than writers who can complete them successfully. The lack of writers stems from clients needing writers with specific skill sets and knowledge. If you are looking for Christian for-hire writing opportunities, they do exist. You simply need to know where to look and how to apply. Here are some suggestions:

  • Investigate the Christian job market: Since there are so many websites and magazines dedicated to the Christian lifestyle, there are clients looking for people to fill these jobs which are posted on specialty websites. Instead of digging through the secular websites, it is in your best interest to look into the Christian ones. Like minded people will post opportunities for those who have a strong working knowledge of The Bible.

  • Check out Christian magazines: Many of the dedicated Christian magazines will directly hire freelance writers, instead of posting on freelance sites. There is nothing wrong with sending your resume and copies of your best work to your favorite Christian magazines. If you do start to look for work with a magazine, it is in your best interest to wait until you are hired before you begin working on any lengthy pieces.

  • Start small: It is always a good idea to start with a smaller local magazine, so you can prove that you can handle the work and that people will read what you write. One possible opportunity is to write for your church, especially if it has a newsletter, website, or blog. Once you begin to get your name out there, other freelance opportunities will arise.

  • Use your network: Since you never know what connections you really have, you can always talk to your friends, especially those who work in the church or for other Christian organizations. They might know someone who is looking to hire a freelancer or even a dedicated writer. When you share that you are looking for freelancing work with your friends and family, opportunities can arise that you never knew existed.

  • Remember the nonprofit sector: Many Christian organizations do more work in the nonprofit sector that in the religious sector. There are several sites like WriteZillas that list freelancing jobs for nonprofit organizations. Just remember that not all nonprofits are Christian organizations, so if you have your heart set on working for a Christian group, be sure you read the details before you apply for the position.

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