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Getting The Most Profitable Freelance Magazine Writing Jobs

Getting a job writing for a magazine can be a little tough and it may even seem like the jobs don’t exists, but they do. Since most magazines publish regularly, they generally tend to have writers that work for them constantly, even on a long term, contract basis. This means that most magazines will only hire when they lose one of their writers.

For one seeking a job as a freelance writer for a magazine, there are many things you could do to improve your chances of being hired when the opportunity arises. In five short points, I will outline some helpful tips that will aid you in becoming a freelance writer for a magazine:

  1. Develop the skills that writing for a magazine requires
  2. No one will hire an unqualified employee and you should ensure that you do not fall into this bracket. Do some research on the field and find out which skills are most desired, you can easily take a short course to acquire any skills that you don’t already possess.

  3. Create a profile that expresses your interests
  4. When a potential employer seeks a writer, the first thing they usually do is view the profiles on any writers they consider feasible. This can be used to your advantage, you can structure your profile to emphasize your abilities as a magazine writer. Any potential employer searching for such a writer will be attracted by your profile, if you do it well. A short article in a journalist style is one of the things you should include in your profile to achieve the desired effect.

  5. Be an active writer with a good reputation
  6. While you may desire a specific job type, the people doing the hiring may not necessarily consider you a viable applicant if you lack writing experience. While searching for your favored job type, do other jobs that you can get to improve your reputation as a writer. Experience is quite valuable in any employment industry.

  7. Constantly browse different job posting sites
  8. Jobs come and go quite quickly and you can easily miss opportunities if you are not around to grab them. Make regular visits to your favorite job hosting sites to see if any new jobs have been posted.

  9. Take any opportunity to acquire writing jobs from magazines
  10. As in any other job, you may have to start at the bottom. If you see a job from a magazine that you can acquire but it is not the one you want, take it anyways.

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