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Freelance Writers Wanted – How To Find A Lucrative Job

What defines a lucrative job? Is it the amount of work you do, or don't do? Is it the amount of money you earn? Or is it a combination of both? We all aspire to have the world's best job, one we love, enjoy, and pays us well. The freelance world of writing is a not a hard group to belong to. You are able to use your creativity, apply skills to show off what you can do, and if you do it well enough, you will never be out of a job.

What does it take to find a lucrative job as a writer

Lucrative jobs are generally given to the best of the best in the writing world. It takes a lot of practice, and plenty of lean pay weeks to hit the level you want to be at for those lucrative job contracts. There are also many characteristics which you must possess, including:

  • Competent and reliable to deliver on your promises
  • Punctuality with your deadlines
  • Jovial and friendly to create good relationships
  • The willingness to learn new skills each and every day
  • Flexible it attempting work within new niches
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism and learn from your mistakes
  • Where to get them

While the key to finding lucrative freelance writing jobs is working hard, accepting all opportunities, and having the ability to overcome obstacles, you can't be expected to get your dream job within your first couple of weeks. Now that you have what it takes, it's time to go after what you want. With a strong (hopefully) portfolio behind you now, you can attempt to break into highly sought-after markets, such as magazines and online blog sites.

Take the time to send out query letters and proposals. Even if you don't get accepted right away, they are still great practice. If you do happen to get accepted, many of these markets pay very well and usually publish under your name. Another area to look into if you want to bring home the big pay check is PR. There are a variety of writing tasks which businesses need to have done for their marketing and other activities. And they spend a fortune on this type of work each year. Where job boards and freelance sites are also great places to look for employment, keep thinking outside the box and keep the humdrum for the lean times.

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