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Where To Go Looking For Stable Freelance Blog Writers' Jobs

Every freelance writer wants to find a stable job. When you are a freelance writer, you have to constantly bid on projects, wait for an acceptance, and waste time with no jobs. You want to find a way to just have work to do every week. You want that steady income that takes away from the stress of not knowing when you will have a job to write. If you don’t have anyone accept your proposal, you can’t make money. Not to mention how much time that you waste looking for the next job to do.

When you are looking for a long term project like a stable blog writers’ job, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you find one.

  1. Join a freelance writing site
  2. The main reason why you would want to join a freelance writing site is because they can get you connected with many clients. it is alos effective because you will be able to set up a profile so that you can start to appeal to more clients. Some of these sites will also act as a mediator. They will hold the funds in an escrow account from the client and release them only when both sides are happy with the agreement so that you can benefit from having better clients using this site. When the client knows that they are not being scammed, they tend to choose freelance writers for long term projects.

  3. Build a profile
  4. You need to build a profile next. You can do this by creating a professional looking profile page and increase your clients by continually giving them what they want. Some sites will endorse your skills if you can answer some questions on various topics. They test you to make sure that you really do know what you are doing. This makes the clients less uneasy because they will have proof that the clients that they are choosing are able to facilitate their requests.

  5. Do what you say
  6. The next step is to land a few jobs and do what needs to be done. Make them happy so that they will choose you again.

The best place to find stable jobs is on a freelance site. Once you found one that works for you, you would want to build your profile, bid and complete a few jobs, and continue to get endorsements and good customer reviews.

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