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How to Find Freelance Creative Writing Jobs: Solid Advice

Anyone can write poetry or a novel, but very few writers are ever published. In order to officially be considered a freelance writer, individuals have to be able to find a writing job. Fortunately, there are many sites that pay people money to write. The bad news is that many of these sites are known as content mills. With a content mill, the writer will end up making pennies or less per word. In order to actually make a living as a writer, the freelancer must find clients that ill pay them a living wage.

Find Literary Publications

To get a writing job, writers must have published projects that they can use in their portfolio. One of the ways to do this is through a literary magazine or website. These publications tend to publish poetry, short stories and prose. Although the pay is often fairly low, it is a viable option for writers who are just starting out in the industry.

Create an E-Book

With the advent of the Kindle, selling a story became much easier. If the writer has an editor or is able to edit their own work, they can publish it as an e-book. The writer just needs to buy a book cover and pay some basic marketing fees to get started. Even if the book is not successful, it can be used as an example on the author's resume. For niche e-books, the sales can actually total four to five figure payments if the writer is good. It may not be the publishing contract the writer wanted, but it could pay their rent.

Find Work as a Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is basically a type of writer who creates a novel and sells it to someone else. Once it is sold, the ghostwriter does not retain any ownership or copyrights for the material. Although it is always great to see one's name in print, working as a ghostwriter is a great way to start earning money as a writer. New writers can consider this style of writing as paid training. While the writer improves their skills as a novelist, they also get to bring home a decent paycheck.

Guest Blogging

There are not always going to be projects available as a creative writer. For writers who just want to earn money by writing, guest blogging is a useful alternative. Once the writer has developed their own blog, they can offer articles or short stories to other blogs in their niche. This helps the writer to gain exposure and develop a following among readers. Creating a personal blog can also be a money-earning prospect if the writer puts advertisements or affiliate marketing on their site.

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