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Tips For Freelance Writers: Composing A Strong Proposal

There are times when you might think that freelancing is a very difficult career and you might even think that you have made the wrong decision in going for it. However, you should not let these thoughts overwhelm you. You really need to think positively and land more jobs, so that you can become more successful!

The first step of doing this is to write an extremely strong and impressive proposal when you are applying for jobs. It doesn’t matter what jobs you are applying, but here are some of the tips that I can offer you:

Never copy & paste

Most of you may like the idea of just simply copying and pasting the same proposal and send it to different jobs. Trust me on this, clients will be able to identify this and your ‘proposal’ will be marked as spam immediately.

Nobody wants to see a copied and pasted proposal. Clients want to see something original and something that show them that you are a reliable worker.

Specify your rate

One of the things that clients hate the most is freelancer not specifying how much they charge for the project. You must tell the client how much you are working for; otherwise most people would not be bothered to read your proposal. Now that wouldn’t be a very good start, would it?

You must fit the job description

Theoretically and mathematically, you are going to land more jobs if you apply for more. It’s quite simple. However, it doesn’t work like this in real life. Clients want quality freelancers to work for them and that means they are all handpicked to ensure they are up for the challenge. If you are just any random person who happens to apply for their jobs, chances are you will be ignored.

All you have to do is just ensure that your skillsets match with the job description and make sure you read it properly! Re-read it if you have any doubt!

Specify deadline

Deadline must be met, no matter what. There might be some extenuating circumstances where you cannot make deadlines, but that is rather rare. Make sure you let the client know when you are going to complete the project and you must do everything possible to meet that deadline!

Remember that freelancing is also a profession, so don’t do anything to damage your own reputation!

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