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How To Become A Freelance Web Content Writer: 8 Tips For Beginners

If you are interested in becoming a content writer for websites, and doing it in a freelance capacity, there a few great ways that beginners can utilize that will help you to get started:


  • To begin with, you want to go online and test out your talents through sites like Freelancer or Elance, where you can pick up small jobs to get experience. Work on getting projects completed on time and building experience.
  • As you build your portfolio, then you'll advance to higher paying jobs, so be sure to be organized. You need to keep track of jobs, sites you are working on to submit your W-9s and your work history.
  • Next look for websites, where you can go in and do various typing projects that you create on your own, and you sell to people. As they buy your articles and jobs increase, they will want you utilize you more and continue a relationship with you.
  • Then once your portfolio built up, decide on the type of business that you want to have as a freelancer and start a website. As you're going to utilize a site through a company like Wix, which is free, you can then begin to showcase your work in your portfolio.
  • Another area to consider is to decide what types of projects you want to work on. If you enjoy writing all technical articles or all process articles that are ‘How To’s’, then make sure that that is your focus.
  • Another great thing to factor in is you have to develop a relationship and reputation. That means that if you have deadlines, ensure that you meet them, and also ensure that every project is detailed and completed according to the client's request.
  • Next, you also want to factor in how you will structure your hours. If you're used to working 9 to 5, you can stick with that. On the other hand, if you prefer working night shift, then you will have to develop your client base around that.

If you utilize any of these top tips, you're guaranteed to be well on your way to becoming a content writer. Just be consistent, accurate and make sure you follow through with each client request! Your clients will rely on you to meet deadlines. You want to ensure all materials you submit are accurate and complete!

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