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How To Make A Great Freelance Writer's Portfolio

You can be a fantastic writer, but if you have nothing to show your potential clients of your past work experience, then it will be tough to land those good paying jobs. Unlike a regular resume, the freelance writer's portfolio must contain good examples of completed (and hopefully) published work. This can be in either print or online format. Check out the following tips to make a great freelance writer's portfolio.

Print Portfolios

Having a print portfolio is an excellent resource to have available when setting up meetings with potential clients. Be sure to include 10 copies of your best work that displays your talents; for example press releases, articles, copywriting etc.

When printing out your portfolio samples use a 24-pound paper with a 90 plus brightness. This tougher paper not only looks more professional, but will stand up to repeated handling. Also, do not include any fancy or cutesy designs on the paper, as this shouts "UNPROFESSIONAL" and distracts from your hard work - unless you are a graphics designer, you want the client to only be focused on your writing skills.

Testimonies of how your work has helped increase business for your past clients is also a great way to make an impression on potential clients. If you don't have any of these, don't be afraid to approach the businesses you worked for to ask for a letter of reference. Once you have all of this place them along with a cover letter, your business card and your samples in a two-pocket portfolio holder. This professional packet is now your ticket to success.

Online Portfolios

When building your online freelance writing portfolio, you will want to follow the same method as in the print format. Keep your site clean and professional looking, without the fancy designs to distract from your actually work. For your samples, create pdf formats of each so they can be quickly and easily downloaded by prospective clients and also include the links to where these articles appeared.

In addition, it is recommended to not attach your writing examples to an email, but rather provide the client with the link to your online portfolio. Finally, be sure to include your contact information (email and/or telephone number) so the client can easily track you down.

By following these simple tips to creating both a print and an online freelance writer's portfolio, you will be a step closer to landing that dream job.

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