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Where To Look For Online Freelance Writing Jobs And How To Apply For Them

The world of freelance writing is full of opportunities but there are also quite a lot of writers to ensure that the traditional modes of employment are no longer very effective. The first thing you will have to keep in mind is how much you earn is entirely upon yourself. You can earn quite a lot or you can earn just paltry figures all depending on how much time you put behind the job and what kinds of gigs you are getting. Here are a few steps to help you get better paying jobs and earn more through freelance writing.

Helpful suggestions on how to apply for different freelance jobs:

  • The first step to get better jobs is creating your own website. It is very important as a writer to have your own portal. Here you can showcase your works, give links to places where your works has been published. You can forward the link to your employers and impress them easily. Make sure that the website is simple and easy to navigate. If it is needed you can appoint a website designer to do the job for you. The most important thing why you need a website is because it will lead directly to you. So when you are getting something published somewhere, mention the name of the website under your name. This is a direct mode of contact and potential clients can find you easily.

  • The best place to look for jobs is one of the job portals where you have to bid for particular assignments. You can get some good leads through these websites but the competition is also quite high so you will have to compromise on the rates initially.

  • The next best place to look is the production house and media channels. Send in your writing and samples to these places and ask if they will be hiring you. You can also ask them the kind of articles they want and then send them samples according to their needs. Do not give the first time your sample gets rejected. It is a matter of patience and perseverance. Learn to take rejections.

  • You can also try some of the content mills. They usually pay very less for the articles but you get a steady supply of work. You will have to write quite a lot to earn some money from the content mills.

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