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A List Of Creative And Fun Jobs For Freelance Writers

Freelance writing can be both fun and rewarding. It can also be tedious and boring if you get involved in the wrong job. What you have to understand is that you will need to experience both as you develop your career and that what is fun and creative for some people is boring and mundane for others. Here is a list of jobs and then as you develop your writing style and skill, you will have to make up your own mind as to what may be creative and fun:

  1. Writing novels – There are plenty of people who want you to write novels for them and then they will put their name on them. They have themes they want you to follow such as romance, danger, or sexual in nature. The problem is they will be theirs and you lose all rights to them.
  2. Creating worksheets- This is something that people with an educational background may enjoy. Creating worksheets takes time but is very rewarding and fun to do if you like to be creative.
  3. Rewrite product descriptions- Think about all of the product descriptions that you see on the internet. Someone has to write them and this is one area that is quite popular and needs to be done often to keep the language current.
  4. Writing essays on sports betting – this is just one area that people can write about. There are many areas that different people are experienced in that others would be interested in hearing about.
  5. Writing essays on child rearing – how-to books are very popular
  6. Translation- this is very popular if you are bi-lingual
  7. Website design- if you are creative this is for you
  8. Writing resumes- many people don’t have the confidence they can write good resumes and will pay to have a professional one completed
  9. Creating coloring books
  10. Creating instructional videos- this is extremely popular which is evident by YouTube

Here are just a few of the list of thousands of jobs they have available on the different websites. I would suggest trying as many of them as you can and find the ones that appeal to you. You may find that you are great at some of them and not so good at others. Check out this service if you want more information on the types of jobs that are available for freelance writers.

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