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Freelance Technical Writing: the Key to Getting a Good Job

Technical writing requires the ability to explain difficult matters distinctly and briefly. In most cases, technical communicators deal with different guides, manuals for users, technical articles, or books. This profession is a profitable one, since many companies and organizations are looking for good writers who can deliver complex information in an understandable way for ordinary people. If you want to earn your living as a freelance technical writer, you need to know a few keys to success.

  1. Get to know the field of technology you want to work in.
  2. You don’t need to have a degree in biology, engineering, or computer science to become a great technical writer. Usually, companies provide the writer with the material, and his or her work is to make it more simple and readable. However, you need to be familiar with terminology and learn some general aspects of the field to meet all the requirements. Alternatively, you can enroll in technical writing courses to learn all these things.

  3. Improve your writing skills and build a good portfolio.
  4. Though the demand for technical writers are high, you may face some common beginner problems like a lack of experience. At this stage, you will probably have to participate in volunteer or open source projects to obtain the necessary competence in technical writing. You can write a guide or manual for any program or device just for practice. Grab any opportunity to get any real work, even if you don’t get much money for it.

  5. Never stop searching for a writing job.
  6. To find potential clients, you need to place your resume on the Internet. There are many online resources for freelancers to choose from. Create an account in a couple of the most popular ones, indicate your experience and skills, and submit some of your work samples. Alternatively, you can create the website to promote yourself or begin to write a technical blog. Enter an online technical writing community so you can keep in touch with the latest news and build networks. Additionally, placing your resume on job websites is another important step forward into your future writing career. Don’t be shy to directly contact the companies that have vacant technical writer positions.

  7. Take your work very seriously.
  8. A freelancer profession has many advantages since you have no boss and can work from home. Nevertheless, you still have responsibilities and deadlines, so you will need to create your own work schedule and keep to it. Distance jobs require developing strict self-discipline, but that is worth the effort.

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