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The Secret To Landing Real Writing Jobs From Home

If you want to know the secret to landing real writing jobs from home, you should read over the following:

The real secret is that it takes work!

This might seem remedial but so many people who are seeking jobs from the comfort of their house fail to recognize that just because you get the option to work in your pajamas without a long commute does not mean that the work you put out and the effort you use is not there too.

Working from home is still a real job and if you are lucky enough to land short or long term contracts, you still have to exercise the self-discipline to sit down and work when there is no one standing over your shoulder and the kitchen is a few steps away.

It takes more discipline and more control to be completely on your own, to force yourself to meet a deadline even if you know deep down that you will never meet that person face to face and suffer any consequences should you fail. It takes discipline to avoid reading your newest book or watching the latest episode of your favorite show when you know that you need to prepare for an upcoming expense right now by looking for new jobs.

This is a world where you still need to exercise effort and behave in a professional manner. This is another thing that many freelance providers fail to recognize. In order to be taken seriously, in order to truly cultivate a proper profile and a long history of successful clients, you need to provide top tier work. This means the quality is good and the communication is professional. Just because you will never see that person face to face does not mean that you should use “text speak” in your communication or bestow otherwise wildly unprofessional colloquial terms like “dear” or “buddy”.

Today the world of freelance is heavily virtualized and if you choose not to be professional, to ignore requests for revisions, to curse in an email because you answered it late at night and had no filter, or you just decided to disappear and not complete an assignment even though you had a contract, it will all catch up to you. Word will get around and you will find yourself out of work. So remember that this is real work.

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