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A Secret Formula For Landing Good Part-Time Writing And Editing Jobs

Freelance writing or editing online can help you to replace or supplement your income. It’s a great way to find an extra way of making an income if you are good at writing or editing. There are many agencies that are looking for good writers with any kind of availability. It doesn’t matter if you want full or part-time, you can find a great position with a little bit of looking. Keep reading to find out a secret formula for landing a great part-time writing job.

  1. Start out small. Even though your pay will increase to a very generous per hour wage eventually, there’s nothing wrong with getting your start by taking some more conservative per hour rates at the beginning. This does not mean you have to take jobs that don’t pay well at all or are very poor quality jobs. Look for something in between. You can’t walk straight into a high paying job.
  2. Build up your portfolio. It’s okay to offer your services to people you know and then get referrals. This is probably the best way to add references and examples to your portfolio. It also increases your network. Ask your friends to refer you to their friends as well. If you have a blog, it can bring you increased exposure. It’s good practice for you as well, to broaden your skills.
  3. Avoid content farms, the ones that hire anyone, regardless of whether they have real writing skills or not. It just isn’t worth your time, and doesn’t do anything to build up your reputation.
  4. Browse freelance writing job listings on reputable sites. You will find plentiful online writing opportunities. Many of them are related to writing for blogs. Blogging is one of the most popular part-time writing jobs out there.
  5. Avoid people asking for free trials; instead, choose the people you want to write for free for. And remember it’s only until your portfolio looks good and then you need to start charging a fee.
  6. Wondering how to pitch your services? First impressions mean a lot. One of the first things you should do is put up a blog or website for your service so people can visit it once they hear of your name. You can also send traffic to it through advertising. Then start applying to many different blogs that update their content on a regular basis.

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