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How To Get A Well-Paid Freelance Writing Job In A Day

This task on the surface looks to be difficult if not impossible. However there are steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of actually getting a well-paid freelance writing job in a day.

The first thing we need to do is to sort out a definition of what we mean by well-paid. What you think is a well-paid job and what I think may be poles apart. So have in your mind what you believe to be a well-paid freelance writing job. Jobs are advertised with the rate of pay so obviously you will only apply for those which fit into your understanding of ‘well-paid’.

To land that job as soon as possible you have to have a number of things working in your favour.

  • You have to have a track record which is enviable.
  • You need a portfolio and a CV.
  • You need to know the websites which offer the well-paid freelance writing jobs.

Now unless you have each and every one of the three items listed above you are seriously in trouble. You may be in trouble to get a well-paid freelance writing job at all let alone in a day. So think about those three things.

If you are a beginner then nobody is going to pay you well and hire you immediately. So this advice obviously applies to somebody who has been writing for some time and doing so successfully. You need to have a track record with some glowing testimonials.

You also need to have a relevant portfolio and an excellent CV. If you don't have them then create these things. There are lots of tips online which help explain the situation. You can even pay somebody to write these things for you. Remember these are the business cards or brochures or shopfront for you as a freelance writer. The better your portfolio examples and the better your CV reads the better your chances of getting this well-paid freelance writing job in a day.

And finally you obviously need to know where the well-paid freelance writing jobs are listed. There are some agencies which are better than others. There are some agencies which offer a number of well-paid freelance writing jobs. Know where to look. Know how to apply. And throw your line in the water -- you might just land a fish.

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