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Is It Worth Working For A Magazine: General Advice For New Freelancers

1st, Spend Some Time in the Trenches Writing Articles and Blogs

Magazine writing is a great way to make more per article than writing for blogs. Magazine writing is high in demand and its easy to shop for these kinds of jobs and get them as well. What you need is perfect English skills, perfect grammar skills, a fantastic portfolio full of examples of your fine article writing work, and a lot of patience to apply to job after job.

You will also want samples full of articles on the specialty the magazine works out of. For example, if you are applying for a food writing position, you do not want to submit a portfolio full of fashion writing blogs, right? So if you do not have articles in your portfolio in the specialty of the magazines, if you really want that particular writing job you will want to write up some articles on that particular magazine specialty.

Before you apply for a magazine freelancing job, you want to have gained some experience in freelancing. No magazine editor is going to hire someone who is completely new in the world of blogging, freelancing, or writing in general. Before moving into the big leagues, everyone has to spend some time in the trenches, writing paid blogs or easier web articles. One reason for this is that any magazine editor is going to want links to all of your blogs on the web pasted underneath the article title on your letter of application. This way, they can see that your writing has really been web published—and that it was engaging enough and written well enough that your employer actually considered it worthy of publishing on the web.

Know How To Write A Supremely Good Cover Letter

Before applying to magazines, you will want to make sure you write a cover letter that really shines. You will want to view sample cover letters online and then sit down to write your own. You want this cover letter to be the absolute finest work of craftsmanship that you can submit. This is not the kind of writing you want to do overnight. You may want to spend weeks slowly writing and perfecting this cover letter before you actually submit it.

Know How to Assemble a Fantastic Curriculum Vitae

You will want to submit a cv full of all of your writing jobs, jobs at different organizations and in general all of your work history.

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