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A Manual For The Freelance Finance Writer: How To Get High-Paying Jobs

Finding a good high paying freelance writing job is finance is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are out there but they are a little harder to find because freelance writing has become so popular because of the Internet that they price that people are paying for jobs has gone down and the demand for good ones has gone up. But there are some places that you can go where you can find some good ones if you look hard enough. Remember if you want to get one of these jobs then you have to send out your resume and have experience. That means maybe taking some clients with jobs that don’t pay as well to get the experience you need.

Where to Find Freelance Writer Jobs

  • Indeed is a search engine where employers post offers to potential employees. This is one of the only places like this that actually post freelance writing positions, other do but they have a smaller selection.
  • Freelance Writing is a great website for the up and coming young writer. Here you will get advice through their articles and tutorials. They also have quick links to places that are hiring and contests that you can participate in. This site will help you become a better entrepreneur and help you get employed at a place that pays better.
  • Every person that wants to have a professional profile has a LinkedIn account but not too many people know that they also allow you to apply and search for work from their website. Many companies put post up in their hiring section and with a few keywords you can find what you need including ones in finance.
  • The last place that is a great place to look for work is Pro Blogger. Pro Blogger has posting for work in various areas. The people that post work are usually people that own websites and are looking for a full time or freelance writer to help them keep it updated. You have to check this website regularly because they post new work just about every day on them.

You aren’t going to find work that pays well if you don’t put your feet to the ground and send out your credentials to every place that you want to work. This will take time but once you land the kind of work and pay you want it will be bittersweet.

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