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Answering A Popular Question: Is Freelance Writing Lucrative

Very few people can abstain from the lure of lucre. This is the commonest bait of gambling arenas. There are actually many blue-collar jobs, which are earnest enough and yet attract attention because of the decent salaries they ensure. For decades, the MBAs, CAs, Doctors and Engineers have garnered rave reviews because their profession is lucrative. Freelance writing has also entered the fray, consider many.

The big Q

The big question when it comes to freelance writing is - Is it lucrative? Now, you will find different answers from different fellows. Yet, history is written by those that succeed, so we will keep the topic positive.

Conditions for viability

Freelance writing is lucrative if you hit the right buttons at the right time. You require lot of hard work and discipline to rise in this vocation, but there is that luck factor as well. To be fair, luck is a necessary ingredient in all phases of life.

An example

For instance, you may be a terrific freelance blogger, but the blog you are writing for has to be equally good at presenting itself and sealing the back-ends and outlook to ensure top visibility. If there is a merger of both, the PPC and affiliate marketing comes into play and the blog earns well, making your earning more than decent.

If however, the blog site has a terrible downtime; is high on images and has a dish-dash presentation, even hearty content may not sing a song properly. Thus the importance of luck!

A worthy client

The client you work for should be personable, approachable and for all accounts humane. He should understand that you also have a life and are not there to do bonded labor. He should pay according to your performance and not according to his ability. He should discern the goods you are delivering for him and be ready to take the risks you wish him to take to make the blog a success. With an amiable client, the road ahead becomes smooth and you automatically work harder. Money then becomes just another by-product.

Work that finds your strength

Say, you are good at creativity and specialize in fashion. Now, if you get 5 daily articles on fashion to be written in a creative manner, you will surely feel as a freelancer that it is your métier. However, if you keep writing drab articles on a subject you are merely good at, you won’t be able to produce your best.


In short, you should be blessed with a winsome and understanding client, a work that suits you and a site which has potential. If everything clicks, you are on your way to the bank as a freelancer. Otherwise, well, it may not be that lucrative.

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