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Finding Stable Part Time Writing Jobs From Home: A Quick Guide

Most people who are looking for writing jobs from home will find their work on websites that match up clients and writers. Instead of merely starting to write for anyone you don’t know, a company with rules, contracts and legal safety nets in place is your best bet. That way, you won’t get scammed or do the work and not be paid for it. Finding writing jobs can sometimes be hard but there are a few tips you can use to make things easier:

  • Make sure you know all the terms before you agree to do any work. Some sites have a quiz or questions you have to answer about their policies for working and accepting work, before you can get any writing jobs
  • This probably goes without saying but read the instructions! There are too many writers out there desperate for work who just want to be hired. Don’t be one of those—if you do what the client wants and expects then you’re much more likely to be hired or re-hired. Things like font, format, word count, etc. do matter
  • Searching online doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, there are so many legitimate write from home opportunities that you’ll have a hard time choosing which ones to spend your time on. Go for writing jobs that interest you by subject, jobs that you already know about so you don’t have to do as much research, or jobs that simply pay well.

Tips on working from home

It might seem like a dream to stay in your pj’s and do your work at home. What most people don’t realize until they’re in the middle of it, is how to stay focused. It can be very hard not to be distracted while at home. You do still need to put in the hours of work for your employer or client. Just because you are home doesn’t mean it’s all fun all day long. If you know that you are the type of person to stay focused, set timers and stick to schedules with your own deadlines, then you will excel at working from home.

For people who are not as organized, it’ll be harder, but it can be done. You should make sure your work space is clear and uncluttered, always set a timer when you’re working, and have a friend help keep your deadlines accountable.

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