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A Guide To Freelance Writing: How Not To Get Underpaid

Freelance writing jobs are becoming extremely popular, especially as more people want to work from home and have flexi-hours. However, there are many unscrupulous people out there, so as a new freelancer, you want to be careful not to get underpaid. This article should be able to help you avoid that.

Look for a job that is very sought-after by clients

If you’re trying to avoid being paid too little, you should think carefully about what type of work you’re willing and able to do. Some jobs are in high demand, and you should consider doing one of those as they tend to be better paid than jobs that are a dime a dozen. Have a look online to find which jobs are most needed, and consider whether you’ll find the work fulfilling and interesting enough to do it long term.

Use a specialist website

In most careers, specialists are better paid than non-specialists, so find a few specialist websites to work through. As there are fewer specialist freelance writers, you’re more likely to avoid being underpaid if you work through a specialist website than if you work through a more general website.

Work for reputable clients

There are so many unscrupulous people out there, and you need to be very careful to avoid them. They may not pay you enough, or they may simply take your work and not pay you at all. A good way to dodge them is to only do work for reputable clients. There are countless freelancers out there, so you can connect with them online and ask about their experiences with various clients. In addition, they may be able to tell you which clients to steer clear of completely.

Use websites with good reputations

Reputable websites tend to weed out unscrupulous clients, so if you only work through a decent website, you may be able to avoid being paid too little for your work. Again, you can connect with other freelancers online and ask them about their experiences with certain websites, and which ones not to use at all.

Use professional websites

Those websites offering professional freelance writing jobs tend to have clients that pay better than those offering more casual work. These sites are also more likely to have reputable client lists. You’ll have to do good quality work for professional websites, so you may need to touch up your writing skills, but you certainly won’t get underpaid.

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