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Great Tips On How To Find Highly-Paid Medical Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are passionate about medicine or you have studies in this area, you can think about a career in freelancing. This niche is well paid, but you have to work for a few good weeks before you can create a reputation. However, once you have a few clients you can stop thinking about what you will do next months, because the jobs will never stop coming. This is what you have to do to find medical freelance writing jobs:

  • Create a profile and mention your experience and education. If there is something that sets you apart from other freelancers, like the fact that you went to med school, for sure you should mention this on your profile. Even if you don’t have any experience, clients will understand how much knowledge you have and they will give you a chance. Make sure that you also prove that you really took medical courses and you know everything there is in the niche.
  • Create some nice samples. You can have a work history of 10 years; if you don’t present some nice samples, no client will hire you. Customers need to be sure that your writing style is suitable for what they need, otherwise there is no point to waste their time with you. If you don’t feel comfortable to show your portfolio on the website, you can write the samples and send them to any potential client, even without asking.
  • Contact medical magazines. These magazines don’t work with doctors, but with freelancers who are specialized in this kind of articles. In this way they save money, time and effort. Now it can be tricky to get hired by them if you don’t have any previous experience, but it all depends on the samples that you send. If you are lucky, they will give you a chance.
  • Try to find health websites who need a writer. Even if you will not write about medicine and diseases, you have the chance to write about various health issues that people face. This means that you will not have to make too much research to write one article because the subject is accessible, and you have bigger chances of getting hired because you are more prepared than other writers. The same rules applies here too; send a few samples and see if they reply.

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