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Getting Article Writing Jobs Online: Freelance Writing Advice

Being able to live and work according to your own schedule is an amazing privilege that used to only be available to a select few. With the huge increase in freelance positions available, however, this way of life is now within reach for many more people. If you’d like to reach this ideal by becoming a freelance article writer yourself, this piece is just what you may need: Advice about how to get great freelance article writing jobs online.

Touch up your skills

A great first step to becoming a successful freelance writer is to learn to write well. This may seem too obvious to be of any use, but a surprising number of people try to find work as authors without actually having any marketable skills. Try taking a course online or at your local college to improve your abilities. Even if you’re familiar with the field, it’s a good idea to spend at least a little time freshening up your skills. After all, there’s always room for improvement.

Know what clients are looking for

If you’d like to get a job as a freelance article writer, it’s vital that you know exactly what’s needed from a good author. If you don’t know what the job calls for, you won’t be able to do it properly, and you certainly won’t get any repeat clients. So, spend some time researching the field, perhaps online or in books and magazines. Once you know what’s involved, you can prepare yourself for your new career properly.

Write a fantastic sample

Once you’ve improved your skills and investigated the requirements of the job, you can set about writing a few outstanding sample pieces. Remember, these samples will represent you every time you apply for a project, so be sure they are the absolute best work you can produce. Even if it takes a bit of extra time, refine and polish them as much as possible.

Always ask for feedback

After you’ve completed your sample pieces and sent them off with various applications, be sure to always ask for feedback from prospective clients. Don’t be afraid to ask why you weren’t chosen for the job, and how you can improve your pitch. Many may not reply, but a few certainly will. And that may be enough to help you improve your samples and applications. Your willingness to improve may even renew potential clients’ interest in you, and land you some work.

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