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How To Get The Best Freelance Academic Writing Jobs In 4 Steps

Starting out as a freelance academic writer in the present time can be tough. The economy is down, jobs are scarce, and the competition is strong. Finding a deserving job can be tough as well: clients often take undue advantage of freelancers who are desperate for jobs. Thus, finding good platforms to get published on can get incredibly difficult. Fret not, however, for here is how to get the best freelance academic writing jobs in four steps.

How to get the best freelance academic writing jobs in 4 steps

Look for worthy platforms to get published on. Being unemployed can stress you out mentally, and you might be tempted to pick up any job that comes your way. Remember, however, that if you get comfortable with one type of job, you will soon start picking up more in the same category. Thus, say goodbye to all the low-paying, work-for-hire positions. Look for academic journals, magazines and the like, and start pitching to their editors. It will be hard, but you will soon get an opportunity better than all your low paying jobs combined.

Improve your portfolio, such that when a prospective client sees it, he/she can tell immediately what you specialize in. Include your best work—research papers, white papers, articles, and so on—and let it speak for itself. If possible, include recommendations from past employers or teachers.

Market yourself.

  1. Visit writers’ conventions, expos, trade fairs, job fairs and other events where you may meet prospective buyers. Meet with editors and publishers and pitch your ideas to them, If possible, try to obtain their contact info, or at least an email address to continue your discussion.
  2. Additionally, create a website to showcase your work and offer services. If you cannot create one, hire someone to do the work for you. Personalized websites will make it easy for buyers to contact you, and improve your chances of getting a job.
  3. Become a pro at networking. Create business cards and other stationary, and distribute them among people. Create a profile on a business site, and display your portfolio. Make sure that people even in your vicinity know that you are an academic writer.

Try to write for academic publishers and universities: Academic institutions publish and maintain various journals, newspapers, magazines and blogs. Try to contact them and get yourself on their radar. They will be your steadiest and biggest clients.

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