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The Best Way To Land Freelance Thesis Writing Jobs From Home

Freelance writing is a very popular way of earning money nowadays. It allows you to work from home without the need to comply with strict work schedule. You may become a thesis writer, for example, and help your customers with composing their academic works. If you want to know how to start your career and earn good money, read the tips below.

Preparations to Make

You cannot just state that you’re a thesis writer and expect plenty of customers. You should take the following steps before you start rendering your services:

  1. Improve your skills in academic writing.
  2. It’s good if you wrote good research papers when you were in college. However, to deliver professional services, your skills should be excellent. Visit an academic center and sign up for taking academic writing courses.

  3. Select your niche.
  4. You aren’t likely to write good theses on the subject that you don’t understand. If you have a degree in economics, for example, it’s advisable to compose papers only in this field. This way, you’ll spend much less time on research and will clearly know what you’re writing about.

  5. Create samples.
  6. To prove your potential clients that you can compose top-quality papers, you should have some evidence. You may help your student friends with their theses, for example, and use fragments of their papers as proof of your competency level.

  7. Get a professional website.
  8. Every respectable freelance writer has a website or, at least, a blog. This is an excellent tool for advertising your services and communicating with potential customers. Ask a professional designer to create a website for you so that your web resource doesn’t look cheap. Include the information about yourself and your services and don’t forget to attach a few sample papers.

Advertising Your Services and Searching for Customers

  • Make use of social networks.
  • You should link your online resource to your accounts in popular social networks. This will make a lot of people notice you and services that you offer. You should also ask your friends to share links to your website. Joining freelance writing communities within social networks is also a good idea. It’ll allow you to meet other writers and potential clients.

  • Attend job boards.
  • These websites contain a lot of gigs for freelance writers and they’re updating every day. It’s likely that you’ll be able to find potential customers there. Contact them, offer your services, and give a link to your web resource. Sooner or later someone will hire you.

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