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What Do Freelance Writers Usually Do: The Daily Routine

Have you ever been asked that dreadful question by someone, like what do you really do? What do you do every other day when you wake up? How do you organize your work days? A lot of those who are not privy to the concept of freelancing struggle to get the basics, and as a matter of fact it becomes worse when they try to put you down because for some reason they think that you really are wasting your time.

The beauty of freelancing is the fact that you are more of an entrepreneur. You chose to do something that not so many people out there have the guts to. You made the bold step to be on your own, be your own persona and make it work. For this reason, before we look into what your day looks like, for all the freelancers out there who have made it thus far, mad respect to you, and keep on soldiering.

Irrespective of the kind of schedule that you have, there are some common features that run in the lives of freelancers:

  • Constant research
  • Checking emails from time to time
  • Chatting on Gmail, Skype or any other platform
  • Working

In most cases, the life of a freelancer depends on the kind of clients that you have. In the event that you have sporadic clients, you will have to be on toes every single day, because you are constantly searching for projects and when you get them they come at different time intervals. For such an individual you will be constantly on your emails and on your computer toiling away to make a living. Some of the mails might come in late at night and you have to get up and respond to them, and at times someone might also hit you up with a new project that they need worked on urgently, so you might end up working late into the night. If you are in such a position planning your day can be uneasy, and you will need to figure out your resting times.

For those who are lucky to have a few constant clients, things are a bit easier. This is because you have a working schedule that you stick to. You get to define you work schedule with them, you agree on delivery times and anything else that concerns your work.

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