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What Is The Average Freelance Technical Writer’s Hourly Rate?

How long is a piece of string? The answer is, of course, how long you make it. Similarly, the field of technical freelance writing is so incredibly diverse that some writers make the equivalent of a few dollars per hour while others make hundreds. This disparity is based on traits such as :

  • Verifiable Experience and Qualifications
  • Nationality
  • Talent
  • Popularity
  • Nepotism

A few of those traits are quite sensible for deciding a persons rate of payment but others are quite unfair. A person’s nationality does not determine their writing ability. Even some non native English speakers have mastered the language to an extent that their work surpasses that of many people who have spoken it from birth. Being related to someone who is offering a job should also not put a writer in a more favorable position than a non-relative but such things have been known to occur. There are ways to ensure that your writing earns more money than the competition. These are as follows:

Be extremely well trained and knowledgeable

If you have received a very high qualification such as a masters or doctorate in your field, your opinions become much more valuable. People will pay for your analysis and your input. The cost of this level of training is prohibitive so the field narrows out considerably. Obeying the laws of supply and demand you will have to earn more than other freelancers.

Become the best writer you can possibly be

Writing well makes you stand out because unfortunately, there are many freelancer who cannot do the same. You should be extremely skilled in manipulating grammar to suit your purposes. You need to not just put words on the page but to make those words informative and entertaining. Other writers will be trying to out do you in this regard.

Find the better jobs and try to get them

Many freelance opportunities exist but if you are the best technical writer in a field, you will be given first preference whenever a job of your type comes in. Seek these out and apply boldly. Jobs that go for pennies per word are beneath you if you truly have good technical writing abilities. Applying for lower paying jobs will only make you busy when the job you need comes along.

Averages are flawed measures of normalcy. This gives a fair idea of how to make the money you want.

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