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Useful Hints On How To Become A Freelance Writer For Magazines

If you have been writing for a while, then you know how it can be difficult to make the real money writing small time jobs. Breaking into magazine writing can be intimidating. You have to have the great confidence to keep trying because getting passed over is discouraging. There are a few tricks to getting noticed, but perseverance is key.

Take the First Step

Start with smaller magazines. Trade magazines, specialty magazines, and custom published magazines tend to be a little easier to get into. They are looking for new writers with a fresh perspective. These jobs are not as lucrative as the bigger ones, but they add to your portfolio. Your online portfolio will need to be well developed to gain notice for bigger jobs. Thinking of them as stepping stones to bigger and better things can help you see how important they can be.

Where to Start

You have to let them know that you want the job. Make yourself known to them by writing a Query Letter. A Query is just a fancy word for bid. Some of the things you will want to include in your Query are:

  • A story. You will want to brainstorm until you get it with an original, inventive idea. Not just any story will do, you have to grab their attention, make them want to see where you are going with the idea. Look at your magazine choice get a feel of what direction they are going with readers and aim higher. Even when you think you got it, keep going.
  • Make your introduction pop. You want them to read it and want to keep reading right until the very end. Make it memorable, in a good way.
  • YOU! Yes, you need to be the topic at some point. This is where you should brag about your talents make them want to see more of you. Make them know why they should choose your articles. When you write, you share yourself so make sure they want you.

If you are looking to get rich on your first try or want some easy way for money to fall into your bank account, writing for a magazine is not for you. It takes time and lots of patience to become a professional that the magazines will ask for, but it is completely possible.

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