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How To Find Freelance Travel Writing Jobs: Tips For Students With No Work Experience

Freelance travel writing is an exciting job that allows people who like travelling to earn money writing about their journeys. Among the advantages of this job is that you don’t actually need to have any work experience to start a career of a travel writer. Read this article and learn the basic rules related to this matter.

  1. Learn to write.
  2. To be a freelance travel writer you should be able not just to describe your journeys, but to provide your readers with decent and interesting articles. The best way to gain necessary skills is to get a degree in journalism, but you may also attend writing courses instead.

  3. Travel.
  4. To gather material for your future articles you should engage in actual traveling. You may travel as a tourist or look for volunteering activities in foreign countries in which you’d like to participate. This will give you a decent background to start writing.

  5. Create your site.
  6. You need some place where you will post your articles and travel diaries. It’s advisable to create your own professional website or blog. This will allow you to showcase your works to your readers and potential clients. You should link your site to your social network accounts, so that more people could see your articles.

  7. Contact potential clients.
  8. Working as a freelance travel writer you’ll want your articles to be published by some famous travel journals. You should make a list of publications for which you’d like to write and contact their editors. It’s always better to contact potential clients by phone, but you may also do this via email. Introduce yourself, tell about your journeys, and give links to your site, so that editors could look onto your articles.

  9. Find your niche.
  10. When you’ve started cooperating with some publication and have sold a few articles, you may think about looking for a unique niche. You’ll be able to earn more money for your articles, if you’ll provide your readers with original content that other freelance travel writers don’t write about. For example, there are travel writers who specialize on visiting restaurants across the world and reviewing their menus and the quality of services. In this way they earn money not only for writing articles, but also for advertising restaurants. Find your own way that will be exciting for you to engage in and for your readers to read about.

These are the first steps you should make to become a successful travel writer.

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