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A Basic Guide To Freelance Content Writers' Rates

One of the most difficult parts of being a freelance writer is knowing what to charge for various pieces of work. When you are allowed to set your own rates and are unable to see what rates your competitor’s are charging, you can run into a few problems. You don’t get feedback on whether your proposal got rejected because of your prices or because of something else. You don’t want to charge too little for a job even if it has the ability to become a long term project because then you are stuck doing long term work for a lower rate. You don’t want to charge too much that you immediately lose the proposal.

You can get an idea of what to charge by finding the going rates for content writing. This is a little guide to help you price your services according to the industry averages. These do not however take into account the length of the papers. Some people will charge based on word count and on difficulty of the piece. Be advised that you should never take a job for less than a penny a word. You can use this as a base and then increase your amount depending on the difficulty of the piece.

  1. Blogs or articles: $ 10- $ 60
  2. E-books: $ 30 - $ 80 per page
  3. Copywriting: $ 250 - $ 3000
  4. Sales letter: $ 150 - $ 1500
  5. Articles: $ 100 - $ 3000

The average hourly rate for a freelance content writer is around $ 35- $ 45 dollars. You want to set yourself up so that you are getting properly compensated for your services. For example, some companies sell articles and blogs to companies to put on their websites. They would sell them for around $ 35 for a small four to five hundred word paper. These companies may purchase these papers from a freelancer for around ten dollars. There are however some freelancers that only charge half of that. They are driving the rates down way to low and causing the industry prices to plummet. Remember that you don’t always have to bid so low to get the job.

A beginner may need to keep their rates a little lower to get some solid clientele in there but after you have made a name for yourself, stop taking little jobs and get paid what your services are worth.

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