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In Search Of Highly Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: Basic Tips For Newbies

Freelance writing has started to grow as the internet has made online discussions, forums and news the new norm. If you enjoy writing and have decided to enter the field of contract writing for hire you may be struggling with a virtual glass ceiling as you try to break into this new arena. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge but if you follow these tips you will be on your way to finding a high paying writing job.

Build a strong base

Unfortunately, you will not find high paying jobs right from the start. Every contract writer will tell you that you have to become established in the market first. This means growing your portfolio of writing with many low-paying and quick turn jobs to get yourself established in the market. The more that you write and publish, the more you will develop your clientele and can use these low paying jobs as a stepping stone to higher pay.

Advertise your successes

The next step to attracting the higher paying contract jobs is to market your writing portfolio and other skills. You can use social media, forums and websites to publish and promote your skills to a variety of audiences. You can solicit work from sites that you follow online or even contact editors and forum owners asking them to publish what you have written. The key to advertising and marketing your services is to get out and talk to as many different people as possible until you find the best job to help you advance.

Leverage other skills

There are many contract writers on the market that you will be competing against but those who stand out have a specialty or additional experience that potential employers are looking for when they need a writer. For example, if you have decided to move into contract writing and already have a degree in a technical field like engineering then consider marketing yourself towards technical companies. Large companies have a bigger budget available and will pay considerably more to hire your services.

Highly paid freelance jobs are available in the market but you must do the ground work, advertise your services and then augment your writing with other marketable skills. With a little tenacity, persistence and hard work you will be able to land this high paying jobs and make a good living as a contract writer.

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