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Where To Go Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs For 16 Year Old’s

Getting a job can be tough. If you are 16 and want to earn for yourself, it is a great thought, a great initiative. It is good to learn to be independent and take your own responsibility. The trouble is to find some job fit for a 16 year old where the employer is willing to pay as well. The only thing you can possibly do is freelance work. Nothing heavy, just some casual part time gig that pays.

What kind of a job you should look for?

If you are 16, you should not go looking for freelance consultancy jobs. Here are many companies that requires periodic consultancies on many things like accounts, law etc for which they keep freelancers because it’s cheaper. However, if you are 16, you are not probably qualified for this job, unless you are a prodigy. It is better to look for some other freelance jobs like.

  • Data Entry – simple form fill ups that even 10 year olds can do. You just need to look at some information and fill up forms according to this information. It pays quite well, enough for a 16 year old.
  • Writing – you might need to write essays for younger kids in schools. This job pays better than data entry, but you need to have some skill and command over the language.
  • Tutoring – there are many online tutoring programs where they allow freelancers to teach younger students who have difficulties in understanding. This pays better than the other two jobs, but needs far more dedication and knowledge.

Where to find these jobs?

It is very easy to come across such freelance jobs. It is highly probable that some of your friends are already doing this job, and they can refer you. Other ways include.

  • Search online, it always gives you some authentic results.
  • Join some freelancer forums; they give regular updates about job openings.
  • Join writers groups on social media, they keep posting updates as well.

There are a few things that you should consider before taking any freelance work.

  • Check if it fits into your schedule, if it clashes with anything else. Nothings worse than failed commitments in the world of freelancing.
  • Check if the employer is authentic and pays on time. Cross check if necessary.
  • Be sure it is something you can do, you are eligible to do before you commit.

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