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Freelance SEO Writing Jobs: 5 Great Suggestions For Beginners

Freelance is the type of career where you do not have a regular boss or job. You are not answerable to an employer and work with your own preferences. You do not have to wake up at a certain specific time, get ready into fit clothes suitable for your office environment, listen to everything your boss has to say and put up with a rough schedule. More and more people are adopting this style of life, as they want to sit at home and earn money for their families. Mothers usually prefer such jobs because they do not have to leave their kid to a daycare or family, they can stay home and work from there. Students who are studying and do not have time to work at an office can easily make money for covering their running expenses.

Now that you understand the term freelance, the second important term in question is the Search Engine optimization commonly known as SEO. To understand SEO you need to understand the search engine, and its structure and working. For instance, you are looking for a freelance writing job and you type, “I want a well-paid writing job online”, then you press enter to search. The search engine will detect all the words in your search query and bring you the ones that have the right density, relevant words and most match able to your requirements. Even though there is not set way of knowing how Google prefers content but you need to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Always stay updated with latest SEO trends and techniques
  2. Very vital if you want to stay in business

  3. Quality is the key
  4. Search engines prefer that content which is rich in quality. Do not let your paper lose its value by writing low quality content

  5. Create unique content
  6. Never copy someone’s work, ideas, words or sentences as your own. Many software programs can judge if the work is original or plagiarized.

  7. The content you write should be more like you converse
  8. Search engines look for answers for people; you need to write in a way that is interactive and easy for another human to understand

  9. Post regularly and stay active
  10. Search engines prefer those sites that are active and post on a regular basis. It helps in keeping the crawlers and bots busy on your page.

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