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Starting A Freelance Writing Business: How To Find A Good Job

Becoming a freelance writer is a very common dream. The idea of escaping from the rat race, being in charge of one's schedule and choosing rewarding writing projects is a very appealing idea to most people. To achieve this dream, new writers have to be smart in choosing their projects and setting their rates. Before making the leap to a full-time writing career, the writer will also want to make sure that they have a very stable income coming in from their freelance work. At the very least, the writer should save up a decent nest egg.

Start Small

In the beginning, writers should focus on finding clients, developing a portfolio and setting up a professional website. Through the portfolio, the writer will be able to show exactly how well they can write about given topics. Since many clients will not hire a writer does not have a portfolio, this is the first thing that writers should get. To develop a portfolio, writers can try doing an internship or submitting articles on spec to major magazines. Although a writer may have to do unpaid work to get their portfolio developed, it will pay off once freelance projects start to roll in.

Know Where to Go

Any writing website that charges money to register or asks writers to pay for courses should be avoided at all costs. These sites are completely unreliable and seldom have good projects available. Writers should never have to pay to get work. The only time this is acceptable is if the site takes a fee out of any payments for a project. Although this technique is annoying, it is extremely common for writing sites.

Avoid Content Mills

There are some people who really love content mills, but there are just as many detractors. A content mill is basically a website that pays pennies or less per word for articles. They are often patronized by websites, but may also have e-book or essay projects. As a rule, writers should avoid using these sites for the main source of their income. A content mill can be used as a backup source of income, but it should never be the main source of the writer's earnings.

Send Out Proposals Weekly

A writer can never know when a client will stop needing work. Although there are some writers who just work with one client, doing this option is an extremely risky endeavor. Smart writers will send out a continuous stream of job proposals to find new clients or to find better paying jobs.

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